Taiwan Fellowship Scholarship

The Public Service Office is pleased to announce that Taiwan fellowship is now open to I-Kiribati scholars and professionals, who wish to do research studies in Taiwan to apply.

Interested Applicants are requested to browse through the 3 websites to obtain further details on how to apply, eligibility criteria and selection details.

  1.  http://www.jobs.ac.uk/job/ANO534/taiwan-fellowship/
  2. https://www.timeshighereducation.com/unijobs/unijobs/listing/22770/taiwan-fellowship/?LinkSource=Sponsored
  3.  http://chroniclevitae.com/jobs/0000314777-01


Research Scholarships - Humanitarian leadership and related themes

With over 60 million people displaced around the world due to conflicts and disasters, and with the severity and frequency of humanitarian emergencies increasing, the sector is facing significant challenges.

The Centre for Humanitarian Leadership (CHL) is seeking to address some of these challenges through our Teaching, Research and Innovation work, and we are now able to offer a limited number of research scholarships.



Indonesia KNB Scholarship Program

PSO is now pleased to announce and invite everyone who interested in the Indonesia Kemitraan Negara Berkembang Scholarship Program that will be closed on 10th May 2016. This scholarship only offers Postgraduate (Master degree) program which you can see the details on the website. Please be advised that all application process is conducted online through KNB Scholarship website www.knb.ristekdikti.go.id and be noted that the application process must be completed no later than May 10th 2016.

·         Full details of this scholarship can be sighted on the website.

Required documents: 

  •          Invitation letter: download from KNB Scholarship website
  •          Passport
  •          Academic Certifcates
  •          Academic Transcripts

Attach the following above along with the Online Form and submit online through KNB Scholarship website. 

For Your Information, the Selection Result will be broadcasted online on the KNB Scholarship website and officially announced through the Indonesian Embassy Publication Network.

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