Secretary Message

Kam na mauri everyone

The Public Service Office brings warm greetings to you in the new year, 2015. The celebrations and new year festive moods had gone past and it’s time to serious work NOW so we can be proud at the end of year to count our achievements and milestones, either as an individual, departmental or Ministerial level or collectively through a whole of Government team work.

Top on the agenda for this year is improving customer service, after having received various complaints from the general public. The aim is to reduce this issue to a minimum, if not to “zero” level. Each Ministry and its various Divisions should have in place by now, a “suggestions box” on the front counter to receive written complaints or compliments for the services provided. In addition, each office should also have a ‘sign in & out’ register to record work attendance, along with identification cards of each staff, so all customers can know the name of individuals serving them from time to time. PSO will complete its inspection of all Government entities on their progress of implementing these three main initiatives, in order to compile a report to the Head of the Public Service.

Secondary to this primary goal, is strict monitoring of the National Condition of Service, such as managing temporary appointments, confirmation of appointments (whether for promotion or first appointment), filling in of vacancies, reconciling staff records of PSO with individual Ministries’ records to name a few. Administering of the NCS will also involve its review, especially those sections that had been written during the colonial era, that needs updating.

Last but not least is public service review which would surely involve consultations with all stakeholders for modernising the public sector, if necessary.

This website will be used to announce important events and provide documents that every civil servant may need from time to time, in particular circulars issued to all SROs for compliance and updated versions of the NCS.

The general public is also welcome to use this website as well and provide suggestions to improve it’s outreach to everyone’s need.

Kam bati n raba.


Secretary, PSO