NCS Matters

Current Update

The PSO has been working tirelessly in reviewing NCS in order to produce a more clear and straight forward guideline for the public sector work conditions especially in  areas that we believe they are not so clear when it comes to addressing some really common issues raise by employees. In fact, with a review of section B, E & F of the current NCS  we can expect a more clear and straight forward guideline that will help with this problem and hopefully solve the confusion that have been experience through the years when the first copy of the NCS produced.

It is very likely that the rest of the sections of NCS will also be revised just as the 3 sections have been. Meanwhile, we recommend that copy of the NCS that has been updated and thoroughly check by our staff be used as a mean to address common issues by employees. Where there is a issue that unfortunately can not be solved by the NCS we suggest that those issues are held on until the new revised NCS is approved by Cabinet.