Study Scheme detail

Study Assisntance Scheme also known as a Reimbursment scheme where all employees encourged to reimburse school fees after passing all courses/units at KIT(Kiribati Institute of Technology)  or USP( University of the South Pacific, Kiribati)

Employees in all Ministries, publiic sectors and Civil society are all eligible for this Scheme.

No age limit for this Scheme.

Application procedure:

Step 1. Before semester commence, after enrollment, Application take application form from PSO HRMC

Step 2. Applicant and Supervisor/SRO fill in the form

Step 3. Submit completed form to PSO

Step 4 At end of semester, Applicant again take application form (B2) to be filled by SRO/Supervisor only.

Step 5 Submit a completed form (B2)  to PSO including origional reciepts (School Fee) and exam result.

Step 6. PSO process applications then advise.

Click this link to download application form